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10 Organizations That Prefer A Virtual Reality Forklift Training Program

Statistics Forklift Accidents

There are 855,900 forklift-trucks in operation in the United States. Nearly 11% of those forklifts will be involved in an accident this year, resulting in 94,149 accidents or 257 forklift accidents each day. Every year nearly 100,000 workers are injured because of improper forklift training or sheer carelessness on the job. Of those injured, about 34,900 accidents result in serious bodily injury or sometimes fatality. In order to minimize the risks of forklift accidents, many organizations have adopted new methods of training with a virtual reality forklift training program. After all, it has been proven that 70% of all forklift accidents can be prevented with proper training and a competent policy strategy (source).

Who Prefers A Virtual Reality Forklift Training Program?

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These 10 organizations have opted for a virtual reality forklift program with which operators are better trained and to prevent accidents.

1 | German Car Manufacturer

One of the world’s biggest car manufacturers (with around 135,000 employees worldwide) wants to minimize business risks and operational costs. One of their key initiatives was to invest in their operator training and selected Forklift-Simulator to meet their needs forklfit safety. Thanks to this, they now train, manage, and motivate their workers through modern simulation technology that is accessible to anyone at any level of experience.

2 | Market Leader In Logistics Industry

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The most famous courier, parcel, and express mail service in the world, which also operates in 220 countries with a workforce of 380,000 employees. For several years, this organization has used virtual reality to train and screen test their forklift operators. In addition to the safety benefits, they use VR technology to efficiently train their staff in a realistic and challenging manner. They have chosen Forklift-Simulator for their high-quality product build and high-fidelity software in forklift training.

3 | Multinational Consumer Goods Company

This Dutch-British business has thousands of forklift employees transporting raw materials and finished goods 24-hours a day. For several years, this listed company has switched to a virtual reality forklift training program, and have also adapted their Forklift Simulator program to replicate their current work floor environment. This provides all new and existing employees an opportunity to experience and train in real work floor conditions.

4 | Largest Cosmetics Company In The World

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One of the world’s largest cosmetics company from France who employees 88,000 people. To gain more control over the logistics of training and re-training employees, this successful organization has recently started implementing the Forklift-Simulator technology in its forklift safety program. They are frequently training and recertifying employees on forklift safety behavior with 10 virtual reality configurations.

5 | American Conglomerate Corporation

Another customer of the Forklift-Simulator is a corporation highly specialized in industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods. This organization produces essential safety products such as face masks, protective suits, hearing protection, security glasses, just to name a few. Their brand is consistently associated with the safety and protection of their customers and their staff. This is the ultimate reason why this successful company has also invested in Forklift Simulators virtual reality forklift training program.

6 | German Car Producer

Virtual Reality Forklift Training Program

This brand is known for producing high quality vehicles that incorporate the best available technology and reliability. This is exactly what Forklift-Simulator stands for and why this German car manufacturer has selected us to deliver the best forklift brand experience in the field of virtual reality.

7 | Global Automotive Components Manufacturer

Many car companies have to deal with moving heavy and sometimes obscure parts on a daily basis. They face the logistical dilemma of how parts can are moved transported across various departments in the warehouse quickly and safely. Our virtual reality forklift training program helps them prepare for those corner cases of uncertainty. This is why this Japanese conglomerate has chosen the Forklift-Simulator. We’re also proud to share that this Japanese company was also one of our first customers.

8 | Automobile Manufacturer

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Just like the two German car companies mentioned earlier, this competitor has also chosen to train their employees with Virtual Reality. This Japanese company is in constant pursuit of perfection and upholds the Forklift-Simulator as a key component that helps them fine-tune their forklift safety training program.

9 | The U.S. Airforce

Forklift Training Program Army
The U.S. Airforce using our products.

At an organization where efficiency and safety are paramount, simulation training is a staple to train the most sophisticated Airmen in the world. It is quite logical that they use the Forklift-Simulator to also train their men and women with the best virtual reality forklift training program in the world. This division in the US Department of Defense optimally trains day and night, sleet or snow without causing any damage to their inventory and removing 100% of all human casualty. The US Air Force has selected Forklift-Simulator because we are the absolute leader in this field VR forklift training and proudly manufactured in the United States.

This article describes more about the US Army and the choice of VR forklift training.

10 | Global Automotive Supplier

Gentex moving high tech product

This publicly traded company is known for thinking ahead. It has thousands of forklift operators and was quickly understood the benefits of what VR has to offer over old fashioned and outdated forklift training techniques. Chances are that this company will completely switch to VR forklift driver training in the future.

These 10 companies have continuously set the bar for success in the modern business world. Through consistent innovation and foresight in trending use-applications, they consistently stay ahead of the competition. Read all benefits of a virtual reality forklift training program.

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