Sit Down Counterbalance Forklift Simulator front

What’s included ?

  • High-end VR Headset
  • High-speed VR-ready computer
  • SSD HD Observation Monitor
  • Genuine OEM Controls, Steering and seat
  • No assembly required
  • 4G/LTE antenna and dual Ethernet connectivity
  • Plug and Play
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in the US

Standalone Sit Down CB Forklift Simulator

Your warehouse managers will no longer be forced to choose between training and productivity out on the floor. With the sit down counterbalance forklift simulator, training takes place in a safe environment which never interferes with warehouse operations. Once ready to face the floor, new trainees will be less likely to make early mistakes: avoid one incident and your VR investment pays for itself.


Using the
High-end VR Headset

Your trainees will gain a realistic sit down driving experience all while wearing the industry standard high-end VR goggles. Inside the goggles they will progress through Standalone Sit Down CB Forklift-Simulator 10 levels of training both indoor and out, in different driving conditions and with various truck attachments.

Forklift Simulator Sit Down CB controls overview

Genuine OEM
forklift controls

Our sit down counterbalance forklift simulator provides VR training for the most common forklift trucks. Sit down and get comfortable in this standalone design, fully realized with OEM forklift controls, dashboard, and pedals.



4G/LTE antenna and dual Ethernet connectivity.
Receive new features and updates over the air.
Plug and Play.

Connect through 4G/LTE , Wi-Fi or Ethernet
forklift simulator Flight Case

Optional Flight

Order the protective flight case for easy and safe transport or storage. A must have if you plan to take it on the road.

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