Stand Up Desktop Simulator laptop

What’s included ?

Genuine OEM Controls, Steering and foot pad.

Place on any tabletop.

  • HP Reverb G2 Headset
  • MSI VR-Ready laptop nVidia RTX 3070 GPU 16Gb RAM, 250Gb SSD HD

WiFi and Ethernet connectivity through included laptop.

Plug and Play.

1 year warranty included with purchase, extensions optional.


Stand Up Desktop Forklift-Simulator

Our Stand Up Desktop Forklift-Simulator is designed for the most advanced high-rise warehouse trucks. Need to train employees on stand up reach trucks, stand up counterbalance forklifts or man up order pickers? This portable device efficiently provides virtual environments and lessons for all three. Your forklift operators will gain realistic stand up driving experience all while wearing the industry standard Oculus Rift VR goggles. Inside the goggles they will progress through 4 levels of training both indoor and out, in different driving conditions and with all three forklifts included in the training. With the advanced graphics simulation, depth and distance recognition is possible. This means they’ll get to see and feel what it’s truly like being 5 meters in the air for the first time in a safe, virtual environment. And your warehouse managers will no longer be forced to choose between training and productivity out on the floor. With the Stand Up Desktop Forklift-Simulator, training takes place in a safe environment which never interferes with warehouse operations. Once ready to face the floor, new trainees will be less likely to make early mistakes: avoid one incident and your VR investment pays for itself.


Using the
HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset

Our CB Forklift-Simulator is designed for and ships with the HP Reverb G2 VR headset. Top technology for a realistic and immersive experience.



To make sure you have the processing power needed to provide you with a smooth ride, a VR ready laptop is included with each desktop simulator. External screen, keyboard, mouse and processing power all-in-one .

forklift simulator dell computer
Forklift-Simulator controls close up

Genuine OEM
forklift controls

By using actual OEM forklift controls we ensure quality and best improve muscle memory and realism.



Wifi and Ethernet connectivity.
Receive new features and updates over the air.
Plug and Play.

Forklift-Simulator Protection Case

Transport Case

Each Desktop Forklift-Simulator ships in a military grade protective case for easy and safe transport and/or storage. A must have if you plan to take it on the road.

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