Virtual Reality Forklift Driver Training Experiences

5 Virtual Reality Forklift Driver Training Experiences

What Experts Say About Virtual Forklift Driver Training

Forklift-Simulator’s new desktop models are a huge success and used by leading companies worldwide to screen and train their workforce in virtual reality. It has many benefits that improve the performance of an organisation. Check out what our customers say about the virtual reality forklift driver training we offer, and see how they increase safety, ROI and overall productivity.


Kristen Bevens – Division Vice President, Prologistix:

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In the logistics industry one of the biggest challenges that we have is that it is really costly and it requires a lot of resources to train a forklift operator. It could take 45 hours with one trainer to train somebody and even at the end you might not in debt it. With the virtual reality forklift driver training we feel that we can reduce that down to just 12 hours. That is a huge reduction in time and resources!


David Johnson – Warehouse Operations Manager:

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Anything you can do to facilitate forklift driver training of any fashion is great. Like I always tell people: fail this the first attempt in learning. This is a good way to have that first attempt and fail.


Stephen Malone – Forklift Certification Specialist:

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When you’re on the forklift simulator, the controls, the environment and everything else comes together. It’s very accurate and it makes you feel like you’re operating a forklift. Forklift operators are considered a skilled employee. You have to take a forklift driver training, you have to go through validations, you have to go through licensing to operate these machines because there’s a lot of trust that goes into these operators to be able to handle this equipment safely.


Christopher Wyatt – Forklift Certification Specialist:

Being inside that oculus and being inside that virtual reality system is really like as real as you can get. So to have 14 simulators at one time, when you can’t have 14 forklifts, it just makes a lot of sense.


Connor Logan – Distribution Lead, Pure Fishing:

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Logistic industry is growing so fast, customers are demanding faster and faster response times. And that means that we as service providers have to also increase those times and virtual reality technology is a great way to do that. When ProLogistix uses this virtual reality forklift driver training system we know that the people we’re getting have been thoroughly trained, they’ve been vetted they know what they’re doing and they can come in and step right into the job.

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