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10 Advantages Of Virtual Reality Forklift Training

VR Training

Virtual reality training is the computerised simulation of real scenarios that can occur in life. Users of VR training are shown a 360 degree environment in which they can learn specific tasks. Using hardware and controls identical to the real devices, as commonly used forklifts, the user can improve skills in a realistic and safe environment. Virtual reality forklift training offers basic education as wel as training-programs for highly experienced forklift operators.

10 Pros Of Virtual Reality Forklift Training

This overview offers 10 great advantages of virtual reality forklift training compared to old-fashioned forklift training. Find out what Forklift Simulator can do for your organisation.

1 | Safer

10 Pros Of Virtual Reality Forklift Training

The biggest advantage of a virtual reality forklift training is that it is much safer than regular forklift training. After all, there are no real driving forklift trucks with inexperienced forklift drivers present. With forklift training via virtual reality, the risk of injury or damage to business is zero. The operators get their education in a non-moving hardware device to operate a forklift flawlessly. They only need to put on the VR glasses, take their place behind the controls and execute the software instructions.

2 | More Efficient

Forklift-operators can be trained much faster, easier and cheaper by the use of VR. The hardware is available internally at the organizations, which can train their staff at any time of the day. No expensive external instructors are needed. The employees can easily follow the VR training. The most modern technology in the products of Forklift-Simulator ensure better results. Our experience shows that forklift operators are much more enthusiastic about virtual reality training than regular forklift training. Passionately they share their VR-experiences at home, with colleagues and want to achieve the best results in the organisation.

3 | Faster

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With the virtual training from Forklift-Simulator the training of a reach-truck driver can be reduced from 45 hours to 12 hours. Depending on the set-up and class size adding VR can make training 3 to 5 times more efficient.

4 | More Modern

VR training is the future! This modern technology makes forklift drivers much more efficient, more enthusiastic and happier. The operators talk very positively about the latest technology in forklift training. The use of genuine OEM forklift parts and the latest Virtual Reality technology provides a real driving experience. The result: accelerated learning through muscle memory.

5 | Cheaper

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If you (re-)train more than 50 operators a year the economics of buying a simulator will become positive very soon. The purchase value is then lower than if you opt to have employees trained by external companies. With our virtual reality products you can screen, train and protect operators daily and at any time of the day.

6 | More Challenging

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Forklift employees find virtual reality training much more challenging than “normal” forklift training. This is because it offers the most modern technology and the challenging elements in the software where one wants to make as few mistakes as possible.

7 | Customisable

Our forklift simulator programs can be completely adapted to your wishes. Every business situation can be recreated so that virtual reality operators receive training that is similar to your organisation. There’s a possibility to replicate exactly the same working conditions in virtual reality: warehouse lay-out, specific fork attachments and load, danger zones, manoeuvres and traffic situation.

8 | More Realistic

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The realistic working environment in combination with hardware that is 100% similar to a real forklift truck ensures that operators can be trained safely, effectively and accessible. Operators no longer need to be trained externally, on unknown and empty terrain.

9 | More Accessible

Thanks to Forklift Simulator products, employees can receive training at all times. Regardless of age, experience, education, etc. In most countries, the minimum age to operate a forklift is 18 years, but there are no minimum ages for virtual reality training. So one could already be trained from the age of 16.

You also no longer need to depend on external instructors. Our technology does it all. This creates a more accessible and efficient organisation.

10 | Data Driven

Learning Management System

Another great advantage is that these virtual reality training courses provide direct and complete feedback. The operator can continuously hear what went right or wrong. The Forklift-Simulator products work with a so-called Learning Management System whereby the trainers are given access to train their students as effectively and well as possible.


In summary, these are all the advantages of virtual reality forklift training: It’s safer, more efficient, faster, more modern, cheaper, more challenging, customisable, more realistic, more accessible and data driven.


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