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Serious VR Forklift Training For The U.S. Army

US Army Chooses VR Forklift Training

The Fort Lee Army Base in Virginia has replaced traditional forklift training by VR forklift training. With four Sit Down Counterbalance Forklift-Simulators they can train four forklift operators simultaneously without the need of an actual training warehouse and zero risk of damage or injury during trainings. Results: A higher throughput at an increased speed with fewer trainers, less risk and better forklift drivers.

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Forklift-Simulator posted a cool, short video on Instagram that shows three staff members taking our VR forklift training. The defence employees follow the virtual reality program in a concentrated manner in order to improve their forklift skills.


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VR forklift driving @ Fort Lee Army Base

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Now the United States Army can train its (new) personnel internally day and night, without the forklift drivers causing damage or injury during trainings. This is much more efficient, faster, safer and more practical than having a normal forklift training. These four benefits are the most important aspects for this organisation to operate as optimally as possible. Another advantage is that our virtual reality products are much more mobile than physical forklift trucks. Forklift-Simulator’s optional flight case ensures protected, convenient and safe transportation. This makes it easy to transport them to another location.

VR Forklift Training US Army

US Airforce Officer: “We stopped training on actual forklifts. The simulators are a more practical way to onboard incoming classes of new recruits”

Forklift-Simulator experiences that people who use our virtual reality products are motivated to continuously improve performance. This is partly due to the play element of the VR forklift training program. Everyone wants to have the best score. Especially in the US Army.

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