Discover the advantages of
VR in the classroom

Offer forklift training in a safe and controllable environment

Increase knowledge retention through immersive learning

Improve skill-levels and guarantee student placement in logistics job market

360° Forklift_Simulator products for vocational schooling, trade schools and logistical VR training.

Foster your students’ careers

Student success in the logistics job market and in practice depends on how your program approaches developing job-ready students. An essential aspect of this is using comprehensive, consistent tools across your logistics curriculum that boost muscle memory and critical safety knowledge. Only Forklift Simulator offers a complete, end-to-end solution with the authoritative and diverse content and OEM controls required to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to excel on the certification exams and in practice. Integrating gamification with Virtual Reality (VR) offers an exciting opportunity for logistics warehouse experience in a realistic, immersive, and safe virtual reality environment, without the need for additional space, trucks, or scheduling! Add VR to your vocational school, technical school, or logistics department and give your students the opportunity to become better forklift operators with one of our VR driver training products.

Take Forklift training to the next level with the
Sit Down or Desktop Forklift-Simulator

Plug and play with complete OEM forklift controls, dashboard and pedals for very realistic driving.

High-end VR headset for a more immersive, comfortable, and compatible experience.

Exercises replicate indoor and outdoor use-cases and various specific attachments.

Stand Up Desktop Forklift-Simulator

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    We talk about flipping classrooms. With this type of technology, you’re able to do it quickly.

    Clint Cowden, CBE and workforce development dean at Hartnell Community College

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