A world of


At the heart is world class software

Gamified learning
OSHA based assessment and training program
User and content management


Our virtual world is painstakingly created object by object to bring you best-in-class graphics and virtual experience.  You’ll swear you’re really there.  By combining exceptional quality software with genuine OEM forklift controls your operators will progress by leaps and bounds.


Our Learning Management System allows you to manage your users and view their success, enabling easy validation of ROI.


Manage trainers and trainees, track progress and see results in our online Learning Management System (LMS).
Objective data accessible in easy to read dashboards.


Standard content

Each of our simulators come standard with a default curriculum that covers basic through advanced training through real-world scenarios.


Custom content

We can recreate your work environment, dangerous locations, attachments, specific loads, or work process on request. This is the best way to make maximum use of your VR simulator.


Data / LMS

Allows you to view your operator's progress through content and understand specific areas in which they can improve.

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