First Annual Golden (VR) Goggles Award

VR Training Empowers underprivileged Communities

People who come off VR training courses are more dependable to follow safe practices. They take ownership of their responsibilities as a driver and find confidence in their lives.

In honor of his innovative work, Forklift Simulator (FLS) has nominated Andrew Stone, General manager of VR Competencies at Impac, a workplace safety firm in Auckland, New Zealand, to be the recipient of the First Annual Golden (VR) Goggles Award. Andrew has worked with the New Zealand government to develop a forklift operator training program for unemployed and under-resourced members of the community. Impac has successfully trained approximately 340 forklift operators over the last 18 months.

The feedback I get from the employers is that the people who come off our course are more dependable to follow safe practice so they will more consistently use the correct safe procedure to do the job, even when under pressure from production timeframes or under pressure from their peers or whatever it might be, they tend to revert to good process, almost always. And it’s unusual to find that they are the cause of an incident of any type.

Andrew Stone

For additional insight into Impac’s success using FL-S VR simulators to train forklift operators