Desktop Forklift-Simulator @Modex2020

Forklift Simulator VR Desktop

Mr. M. talking about our Forklift Simulator VR Desktop model at Modex 2020 in Atlanta. This new, compact and affordable model can be used for screening and training operators for both the reach truck and the order picker.


Hi! My name is Mustafa from Forklift-Simulator. Today we are reviewing the first ever portable Forklift-Simulator standup reach truck. It’s the most portable unit that we have built… We are able to plug it in into a simple PC laptop. You can actually get forklift training from this simple set up in an office environment. The kind of exercises we are able to training is from brand-new users to experienced forklift-operators. We can really optimise any kind of forklift environment for any kind of industry. Today a lot of our clients are using it to train, screen as well as certify their forklift-operators.

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