Forklift Training Video Of World’s First
VR Reach Truck

Virtual Reality Forklift Training Video

Forklift-Simulator’s new forklift training programs are a great success and used by progressive organisations to screen and train their forklift operators in virtual reality. Hear what our clients say and see how they increase safety, return on investment and overall productivity. Check out our new forklift training video featuring the first virtual reality Reach Truck-Simulator in the world! It shows VR forklift training desktop models in an action while operators use them in a warehouse.

Also hear what experts say about virtual reality forklift driver training.

3x forklift training video

More VR Forklift Training Videos

Be sure to check out the following experiences of experienced forklift operators with our products. With these forklift training videos you can get a good impression of what our forklift simulators look like in action.

The clip below – recorded on Rhode Islands – show how a seasoned forklift driver experiences his first virtual reality training, while colleagues are monitoring his performance.

Our forklift simulators can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Yeah! Woah! I almost did that!

Joseph is having a blast on the Forklift-Simulator! The most effective learning is when you’re having fun and fully engaged! The high concentration of the forklift operator with the drive to perform perfectly in combination with the job satisfaction make our products so good. It is clear to see that this employee has a positive experience with the virtual reality Forklift-Simulator. Our products ensure happy and satisfied employees who perform better.

The following forklift training video – recorded in California, USA – also shows supreme concentration of the forklift driver who clearly wants to perform well.

The employee controls the Sit Down Counterbalance Forklift Simulator and he is fully focused on following the yellow lines in tight spaces, without causing ‘damage’. As he goes through our virtual reality training his colleague says:

You’re pretty good at it!

The driver takes a good look around and checks what the environment looks like. Via the VR-goggles, steering-wheel and controls he has the idea that he is operating a real forklift truck, but without the chance of causing damage or injury.

These videos clearly show that our products simulate reality and that forklift drivers are challenged to be trained effectively.

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