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Order Picker Simulator

With the rise of e-commerce there's a huge demand for order pickers. There is no better tool to quickly assess operator skills when you're staffing up for holiday season. Train your new hires on best practices and how you do what you do. We offer this unit in three levels. A desktop or tabletop version, a standalone unit and a premium solution with motion technology.


Affordable and easy to set-up.  Uses genuine forklift control and comes with VR ready computer.  Focus on screening and basic drills. Ideal for schools and staffing agencies.


The classic simulator. Standalone, plug and play.  Comes with complete forklift controls, dashboard and pedals for very realistic driving.  Real experience with extensive exercise set.

Order Picker simulator on Motion Platform


The ultimate in simulation requires a full motion platform.  This full-featured addition adds extremely realistic motion cues when the operator accelerates, turns, or brakes.  We use this platform to simulate what can not be trained in real-life: imminent collision and dangerous situation training.

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